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Revocation of Power of Attorney


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Normal Delivery:

One (1) working day per transaction (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

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Five (5) hours (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

The power of attorney revocation service enables you as a principal to remove an attorney whenever you wish; provided that the power of attorney is not issued in favor of the agent or does not involve a third- party right.

Documents Required

  • I.D. (original for review and a copy for records).
  • The printed document intended for notarization “revocation of power of attorney” to be produced in duplicates as many as the concerned parties and a copy for records​

Notary Public Fees (not including our charges)

  • Notarization of Revocation of a Power of Attorney> AED 300
  • If typed at ADJD, typing fees: AED 50 ​

Special Conditions / Important Notes

  • Presence of the principal before the Notary Public to sign the power of attorney revocation deed.
  • The original power of attorney must be submitted where the principal is represented by an agent. The agent shall adhere to the powers conferred upon him by the principal and may delegate his powers to others.
  • An official translation attested by the Ministry of Justice is required where the document is drafted in a language other than the Arabic.
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the U.A.E is required where the document is issued in a foreign country.
  • Expressions in the Power of Attorney must be clear without any ambiguity, scratch or deletion.
  • The power of attorney; the original for review and a copy for records
  • The concerned party should pledge to notify his/her agent. ​
Printout Form

Arabic, Two-sided

Delivery Options

Normal, Urgent

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