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We are a Japanese company dealing extensively with the UAE and as such we need translations every day. Since our documents are highly technical (and confidential) in nature, we obviously need exact translation using highly specialized terminology. That poses a great responsibility on both us and the translation company, and over the years we have been working with a number of partners which did good at first then the quality started to drop off. We eventually reached out to Elite Legal Translation Services (which one of our partners recommended as being a good one and we had high expectations). A long, highly technical document has been sent to get a quote and the offer was good and under our time limit, so we have ordered the translation. Not surprisingly, it went quite good, and the third-party checking the translation for us didn’t have to say much in terms of corrections. It has been 8 months since and numerous projects without any falls. They have become our top supplier of translations and content adaptation to the UAE market.

Noor Shhada

Intially i did not trust online services for legal translation of driving license , indian documents, but Elite has changed my perspecive. They are professional and provide efficient and quick service. The prices are on par with the market and the executives are professional.Ms Charlene has been very helpful.

Sunando Chaudhuri

I recently used their service to get a few documents verified and received an excellent service. Emy was the person who I was in contact with and she was most cordial and helpful when I arrived and helped me in getting the work done fast. Thank you for an excellent experience.

Phalguna Kousika