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No Objection Certificate (NOC)


This service enables you to apply for the attestation of a declaration where the applicant affirms that he is consenting and authorizing all acts or actions connected or related to him, taken by the recipient of the declaration.

Delivery Options:

Non-urgent: 3-4 working days
Urgent: 2-3 working days

Service Requirements:

Submit the application and the required documents through available channels.
Sign the application before the attestation officer.
Application is approved by the competent judge.
Pay the prescribed fees.
The completed form is signed before the attestation officer.
Receive the attested non-objection statement issued by the father, guardian, or anyone of capacity, after being signed by the competent judge.
Required Documents:
Identity cards of the concerned parties and witnesses
Official document establishing the relationship
Special conditions:
Presence of the applicant (donor and donee) to express their consent on the revocation of the donation.
The consent of the competent authority, including the mortgagee, is required if the property is under mortgage.
Presence of two adult witnesses having knowledge of the declarant and the incident to be witnessed.
If either party is a legal person (company), the memorandum of association and the commercial license must be presented.

General conditions:

If the certification is for a person who has completed 18 years of age, his / her guardian or curator must be present.
If the document submitted is a court judgment, it must be conclusive and final.
Judgments issued outside the country must be stamped with the executory wording of the competent court.
If the person concerned or one of the parties fails to attend or is incapacitated, debilitated or is a legal person, the application must be submitted by a person acting on their behalf legally or lawfully, with the proof evidencing so.
Any document issued outside the country must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If the document is not in Arabic, it should be translated by a legal translation office certified by the Ministry of Justice.
No transaction shall be issued or attested if it is disputed between the parties at the time of authentication; or if it is within the jurisdiction of another authority, or otherwise contravenes sharia, laws, public order, or regulations.
The judge may request any document or proof that he considers necessary to prove the incident.

Special Notes:

Please consider attaching the required document for approval and signature before submitting the application
Please note that the attendance will be via video conference technology, the appointment will be scheduled and
sent via e-mail mentioned in your application. Please make sure to download Cisco Webex Meetings application before scheduled appointment,
Please Take a look at the CiscoWebE x Meetings User Manual  before your session​
Delivery Options

Normal, Urgent

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