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POA & Signature Authorization


Delivery Options:

Normal Delivery:

One (1) working day per transaction (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

Urgent Delivery:

Five (5) hours (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

We use the POA & signature authorization to appoint another person to act on our behalf on all legal and permissible actions in the presence and under the signature of the attorney acting by the granted power of attorney​.

Service Lifecycle

  • Applicant may approach the service center in person or apply for the service online
  • Submit application and required documents
  • Take a token number
  • Data is inserted by data entry personnel.
  • Applicant will sign the application before the notary public
  • Pay the prescribed fees
  • Receive the Document after being notarized

Documents Required

  • Original Identity Card + a copy for the records
  • The document “Power of Attorney “to be attested: a copy for each concerned party + a copy for the records​

Notary Public Fees (not including our charges)

  • AED 100 for each year of the POA duration, with a maximum of AED 1000

Special Conditions / Important Notes

  • Presence of the principal before the Notary Public to sign the POA & signature authorization.
  • If the principal is a representative of another principal, he should bring his original POA, comply with the powers granted to him by his principal, and have the right to appoint others.
  • If the document is not in Arabic, it should be translated by a legal translation office certified by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Any document issued outside the country must be authenticated by the competent authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • The POA clauses shall be clear and explicit, without any erasure or deletion.
  • For farmlands, the POA must be given to a relative up to the fourth degree.
  • For the sale of residential lands granted by the government, no POA shall be given unless a certificate of completion of construction thereon is issued by the competent authorities
Printout Form

Arabic, Two-sided

Delivery Options

Normal, Urgent

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