Refunds Policy

  1. You may ask for a refund at any time for any funds that you have paid for any of our services except if the amount to refund relates to fees or charges payable to us.
  2. The amount to be refunded will be released within 4-8 working days.
  3. If we agree to the refund, the funds will be received by the Customer via the same payment method(s) that the customer used to make the original payment to us after deducting any charges or fees deducted from or related to such payment (bank transfer, credit card, transfer, etc…)
  4. We may refund funds to Customers irrespective of whether a Customer has requested funds be refunded if: (1) we are required by law or consider that we are required by law to do so; (2) we determine that refunding funds to the Customer will avoid any dispute or an increase in our costs; (3) we refund funds to the Customer in accordance with any refund policy specified by us from time to time; (4) we find out that the original payment made by the Customer is fraudulent; (5) the Customer made a duplicate payment in error; or (6) we consider, in our sole opinion, that it is likely that the refund of funds is necessary to avoid a credit card chargeback.
  5. You can request a refund by emailing us at Once you have made an order (whether online or through any of our sales representatives), you expressly agree to this policy and the refund procedure, expressly agree to be bound by its ruling and expressly agree not to initiate any chargeback request with your card issuer.
  6. If you initiate any chargeback request or other “Request for Information” or similar process, you expressly agree and consent to us to share any and all information in relation to your agreement of these terms and conditions, in order to defeat any such chargeback request.
  7. If you have already initiated a chargeback request with your credit card issuer, you must not request a refund of funds by contacting us and must not seek double recovery.
  8. If we reasonably determine, having considered all the relevant circumstances, that you have made an excessive or unreasonable number of requests to refund funds back to you or chargebacks, we may suspend, limit or close your account with us.
  9. In case of refund:

    –  the above amount shall be subject to processing fees of 30% of the total invoice value or AED 50, whichever is higher.

    – The charges of this service are non-refundable under the agreed standard Refund Policy and Terms of Service.