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Notary Public Applications


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One (1) working day per transaction (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

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Five (5) hours (this doesn’t include the Notary’s approval).

Why do you need Notary Public Online Service?

Notary public applications include any type that is required to be notarized by a notary public. These applications include:

  1. Contract Annex
  2. Joint Venture Contract
  3. Memorandum of Association – LLC Contract
  4. Local Service Agent Contract
  5. Mortgage Contract
  6. Reconciliatory Agreement
  7. Sale Contract
  8. Sole Proprietorship Contract
  9. Partnership Contract
  10. Termination of Local Service Agent Contract
  11. Power of Attorney and Signature Authorization
  12. Special Power of Attorney
  13. General power of attorney
  14. Revocation of Power of Attorney
  15. Declaration of Loan Waiver
  16. Non- objection Declaration
  17. Declaration of Monthly Income

The notary public applications are submitted online to Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Through this service, you can submit your application for notarization by Abu Dhabi Notary Public. The support team of Elite Legal Translation Services assist you to use this notary public online service to submit all your documents towards getting them approved and notarized within less than 24 hours, at a special rate.

Notary Application

Contract Annex, Declaration of Loan Waiver, Declaration of Monthly Income, General power of attorney, Joint Venture Contract, Local Service Agent Contract, Memorandum of Association – LLC Contract, Mortgage Contract, Non- objection Declaration, Partnership Contract, Power of Attorney and Signature Authorization, Reconciliatory Agreement, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Sale Contract, Sole Proprietorship Contract, Special Power of Attorney, Termination of Local Service Agent Contract

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Normal, Urgent

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