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Contract & Agreement Translation


Completion Options:

Top Urgent Completion:

  • 1 – 10 hours, depending on the file size

Urgent Completion:

  • 1-10 pages: Within 1–5 hours.
  • 11-20 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • Above 20 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Normal Completion:

  • 1-10 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • 11-20 pages: Within two (2) working days.
  • Above 20 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

  1. This price is per page. Each page contains up to 200 words.
  2. Please make sure to send your file for evaluation to 0552166380 before you proceed to payment.
  3. Completion  of files depends on the evaluation you receive from us. For evaluation of files for Other Languages, please contact our team on 024120000.
  4. Documents issued outside the UAE must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before making the legal translation; otherwise we can provide normal translation under company stamp (not legal translation under the legal translator’s stamp).

Contract & Agreement Translation

Contract & agreement translation is critical for establishing the arrangements taking place between persons; they are executed to regulate the relationships between two or more parties entering into any kind of arrangement for business or other professional or personal purposes. As a result, within a multi-cultural context like the UAE, drafting such contracts & agreements need to be in Arabic and then legally translate them into English for official use when dealing with entities using English as their language of communication.

However, if the contract comes from outside the UAE in a language other than Arabic, legal translation for such contract will be required for official use with any government entity or at courts for whatsoever purpose.

Alternatively, if a contract or agreement has a party who is non-Arab, the notary public will always to draft it in a bi-lingual format (Arabic and English on the same page) to ensure both parties understand their obligations and rights before signing it. Such two-sided contract agreement will go to the notary public for notarization. This process requires submitting it online using the online notary public services before approving it from him/her and asking the parties to appear before him for signature and finally notarization.

Below is a list of the contracts and agreements that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

  1. Memorandum Of Association Legal Translation
  2. Addendum Legal Translation
  3. Insurance Policy Legal Translation
  4. Sale And Purchase Agreement Legal Translation
  5. Memorandum Of Understanding Legal Translation
  6. Partnership Agreement Legal Translation
  7. Waiver Agreement Legal Translation
  8. Settlement Agreement Legal Translation
  9. Loan Agreement Legal Translation
  10. Purchase Order Legal Translation
  11. Local Service Agent Contract Legal Translation
  12. Confidential Agreement Legal Translation

This service includes:

Contract & agreement translation for embassies and consulates

Contract & agreement legal translation for written confirmations by individuals

Contract & agreement certified translation for personal and corporate undertakings

Contract & agreement approved translation for official uses with government entities and private companies

Assistance to translate a Contract & agreement for official uses

You can get your Contract & agreement translated with Elite translators very fast and at low price

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Arabic, English, Other Languages

To Language

Arabic, English, Other Languages

Delivery Options

Normal, Top Urgent, Urgent

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