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Normal Delivery:

  • 1-7 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • 8-15 pages: Within two (2) working days.
  • Above 15 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Urgent Delivery:

  • 1-7 pages: Within 1–5 hours.
  • 8-15 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • Above 15 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

  1. This price is per page. Each page contains up to 200 words.
  2. Please make sure to send your file for evaluation to 0552166380 before you proceed to payment.
  3. Delivery of files depends on the evaluation you receive from us.
  4. For evaluation of files for Other Languages, please contact our team on 0552166380.

Why do you need legal translation for your specialized documents?

Specialized translation is required for technically specialized documents. Every industry has its own jargon, glossary ad style of writing, including laws, regulations, rules, construction and other types. This requires specialized knowledge and special experience to be able to convey the right message from the source language to the target. Our specialized translators and language professionals have all experience and knowledge needed to deliver this message with the best quality needed. All you need to do is send us your documents and leave the remaining for our professionals to handle everything for you towards delivering you the best translations appealing to your readers and document users.

Specialized translation includes translating engineering reports, documents and papers. It also extends to include medically specialized publications and writings.

Tthe translation of medical imposes on the translator to be extremely precise because the translated output may entail using it as an input for some decision process. Hence, if the translation is not as precise as it should be, some unwanted consequences may arise.

Translating scientific material requires a translator with huge knowledge and experience in handling scientific content to ensure delivering a precise message to the target readers.

 Below is a list of the specialized papers that Elite Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

  1.  Law and Regulation Legal Translation
  2. Construction Legal Translation
  3. Engineering Legal Translation
  4. Will & Testament Legal Translation
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Arabic, English, Other Languages

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