Certified True Copy


Generally speaking, all entities ask persons, businesses, companies or other entities to submit an evidence of any documents they have to support their requests or applications. However, such documents are in many cases not possible to be submitted in their original form for various reasons, including fear of losing or damaging such original documents, which entails legal responsibility and accountability for that. Therefore, the alternative to submitting original documents is to submit a certified true copy (duplicate copy) of the original document signed and stamped by an authorized person. At Elite Legal Translation Services, we assist you to ensure that the safety and security of your original documents are maintained at all times by translating such original documents and stamping them as duplicates of the original and give you as many certified true copies as you need to be submitted to all authorities or entities. Contact our operations team and get your document certified as a duplicate with a few hours at very affordable rates.

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Certified True Copy
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