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Documents issued from outside the UAE and will be used for official purposes must be duly attested by all concerned authorities abroad before presenting them to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest them to be used inside the UAE. Likewise, any document issued by a UAE government entity and is intended to be used abroad must be duly attested by the entity issuing it, then the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs then the embassy of the country in which it will be used.

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6-8 working days.

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3-5 working days.

Why do you need the MOFA attestation service?

The MOFA attestation service is required for documents issued abroad and intended to be used for official purposes to be attested. Contact our team to assist you with attestingnotarizing and certifying your documents.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation services for all kinds of documents. The purpose of this procedure is to check the validity of stamp and signature on such documents, whether issued inside or outside Country.

This encompasses educational and medical certificates, marriage and divorces contracts, powers of attorney, etc., in addition to the attestation service of commercial contracts and agreements.

Service Procedures:

  1. Select the Service:

Contact us online by selecting the service or visit any of our branches.

  1. Pay the Fees:

You can pay online through our online store, bank transfer, credit card or cash

  1. Submit the original document:

You can drop it at any of our branches, send it to us by courier or select our delivery service (charges apply) to collect the file from you.

  1. Receive the attested original document:

You can collect the files from our offices, by courier or through our delivery service (charges apply)

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