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Marketing & Advertising Translation


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Normal Delivery:

  • 1-5 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • 6-10 pages: Within two (2) working days.
  • Above 10 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Urgent Delivery:

  • 1-5 pages: Within 1–5 hours.
  • 6-10 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • Above 10 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

  1. This price is per page. Each page contains up to 200 words.
  2. Please make sure to send your file for evaluation to 0552166380 before you proceed to payment.
  3. Delivery of files depends on the evaluation you receive from us.
  4. For evaluation of files for Other Languages, please contact our team on 0552166380.

Why do you need marketing & advertising translation?

Marketing & advertising translation has become important due to the fact that we are living in a world that is full of various services and products targeting different types of clients. Businesses and individuals always develop their products and services to attract more audience. This entails developing attractive material, and here is comes the role of copywriting, which is the art of brilliantly and attractively writing words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc. to sell a product or service and convince prospective customers to take action. In various ways, copywriting is like hiring a salesperson to reach out all of potential clients, but the difference between a salesperson and a copywriter is that the former contacts one customer at a time while a copywriter reaches all of customs at once through ads, blog posts, billboards, and more.

A comprehensive digital marketing plan consists of design, content marketing, SEO, and growth hacking, but copywriting is the connector that brings all together. Writing a better content enables businesses and individuals to convert more readers into customers.

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Arabic, English

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Arabic, English

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Normal, Urgent

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