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Currently, in this world, understanding the concepts of modern-day marketing is of importance and vitality. This precisely means that one can write various articles based on marketing artifacts and products for monetary gain. Very profiting. These skills can be broken down in one word, which is copywriting. Ideally, copywriting can be explained as the act […]

Essential Translation Skills and Abilities a Freelancer Must Have

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If you are looking to become a freelance translator and start a great career in translation there are some translation skills and abilities you must have or develop in order to become a professional. There are plenty of people that consider freelancing an easy job which allows one to work whenever he wants while, in […]

Online Translation Company

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Many questions can be raised about the usefulness of the internet. There is also the issue of the privacy of people and how corporations steal personal data regularly. But no one will deny that the digital world has brought some positive changes in our lives. Those who live a busy life rely on the internet […]

Grammatical Errors and Style in Translation From Arabic into English

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This paper has two sections: The first one elucidates a number of grammatical and stylistic points encountered when an Arabic text is translated into English. The second section seeks to point at a number of errors in grammar and style in Arabic. Section I: Grammatical Errors in Translation from Arabic into English (Use of Infinitive […]

6 Questions Assisting You to Choose Your Translation Company


How to Choose a Translation Company Most Suitable to You There are several translation service providers today that offer language translation services, but to succeed in finding the right one you have to ask yourself the right questions. When you find your potential translation agency but and you aren’t sure if they are the most […]

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