Delivery Options:

Normal Delivery:

  • 1-10 minutes: Within one (1) working day.
  • 11-20 minutes: Within two (2) working days.
  • Above 20 minutes: Subject to evaluation.

Urgent Delivery:

  • 1-10 minutes: Within 1–7 hours.
  • 11-20 minutes: Within one (1) working day.
  • Above 20 minutes: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

  1. This price is per minute.
  2. Please make sure to send your file for evaluation to 0552166380 before you proceed to payment.
  3. Delivery of files depends on the evaluation you receive from us.

Why do you need transcription services?

Transcription is converting any spoken message into ready-to-use text. This includes:

  • Legal Transcription Services: Court hearings, public statements, parliament sessions, depositions, and more.
  • Medical Transcription Services: Patient statements, medical procedures, lectures, and more.
  • Technical Transcription services: Test logs, international meetings, conferences, events, and more.
  • Marketing Transcription Services: Interviews, product testing, industry events, video content, and more.
  • Media Transcription Services: Podcasts, video content, documentaries, raw footage, and more.

We deliver fast and accurate transcripts that save you valuable time and provides you with easily accessible insights. Our transcription services have been designed to help your business save time that can be spent on your core business goals.

Our team is available 24/7 to accommodate to all your transcription requests and expected delivery timelines. Save the valuable time that you can be spending running your business and allow us to do what we do best!

Our transcription services have been classified into three categories:

Category A: Single person interview or standard one on one interview recorded in digital format. Examples of these would be note taking for active or even prospective cases you may be working on. You can dictate outside the courtroom once a hearing is over using our smartphone app and we can have it transcribed for you that same day or in a few days. A one on one interview could be with your client or even a deposition preparation meeting with your client. These would also include any other official or unofficial two person meeting or interview.

Category B: Any interviews with a total of three people, any audio with significant noise in the background, and any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.) These could be official depositions with your client and the opposing attorney or a conference call with two other attorneys discussing a case. Significant audio would be anything that can affect the audio quality on our end making it take longer to transcribe because we can’t hear the participants very well. Loud background noise such as music, wind, or the sound of the street outside coming through and open window.

Category C: Any audio with four or more speakers; presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents; and panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, or seminars with multiple participants. Many depositions fall into this category if you have three or more attorneys present asking questions. Court hearings will most likely also fall into this category as well. Please call for an accurate quote. These are very hard to determine without hearing the actual audio.

Audio difficulties include:

  • Poor quality, fading in and out, static.
  • Lots of background noise that makes it difficult to hear the speakers.
  • Low-speaking voices that cannot be heard.
  • Speakers talking from long distances from the mic.
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