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Driving License Services


Delivery Options:

Normal Delivery:

One (1) working day per license (this doesn’t include Traffic Department’s approval).

Urgent Delivery:

  1. Three (3) hours per license for English licenses (this doesn’t include Traffic Department’s approval). 2. 2-3 working days for licenses in Other Languages (this doesn’t include Traffic Department’s approval).

Driving License Services

Driving license services include driving license conversion, replacement, renewal, and translation.

Driving license translation is a legal requirement to be able to drive a car or vehicle inside the UAE or any other country. Therefore, you laws impose that you obtain a valid driving license to demonstrate your qualification to drive a car.

Traffic and licensing authorities in the UAE allow you either to apply for driver license replacement or apply for your one golden try to obtain your UAE driver license. If you prove to have the required level of qualification to apply for the driver license replacement, you need to follow the steps detailed in this service.

However, if you want to apply for a driver license from the start, you must translate your driver license issued from your home country by a sworn translator to be able to apply for the golden try option with the traffic licensing authority.

The legal translators of Elite Legal Translation Services always are ready to assist you with all requirements you need to fulfill to obtain your UAE valid driver license and a certified translation of your original driving license within less than 24 hours, at a special rate.

The process of translating your driving license requires presenting the original license to our offices to convert it into Arabic. Then, you can visit the Traffic and Licensing Department in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai or other Emirates to apply for opening a traffic file with them towards making the golden try and obtaining your UAE valid driver license.

If you ask yourself how to apply for driving license online, how to get driving license in Abu Dhabi, how to apply for a UAE driving license, how to apply for driving license in Abu Dhabi, how to get a driving license in UAE, or how to apply for driving license, you definitely have come the right place. Our legal translators are there to support you throughout the process of getting your UAE valid driving license.

Are you for notarized translation of driver’s license, Chinese driver license translation, international translation of foreign driver’s license, drivers licence translation, Malaysian driving license translation, Korean driver’s license translation, to convert driving license or to translate Malaysian driving license to Arabic, our dedicated sworn translators are available 24/7 to assist you very fast and at very affordable rates.

This driving license service includes:

Al Ain driving license translation & replacement

Online driving licence application

Driving licence online form

Legal notice translation for courts, embassies and consulates

Legal notice certified translation for personal and corporate undertakings

Legal notice approved translation for official uses with government entities and private companies

Assistance to translate a legal notice for official uses

You can get your legal notice translated with Elite translators very fast and at low price

Important Remark: For applicants seeking to get a driving license from Abu Dhabi Traffic Authorities, no paper translation can be given; rather the translation must be submitted online using Abu Dhabi Traffic Online System.

Important Remark: All prices and charges stated for the below services don’t include any government or third parties fees or charges:

  • Booking theory Classes
  • Driving license renewal
  • Driving license replacement
  • Driving license conversion
  • Opening traffic file/online registration
License Services

Booking Theory Classes, Driving License Conversion, Driving License Renewal, Lost Driving License Replacement, Opening Traffic File

Delivery Options

Normal, Urgent


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