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Document Legal Translation


Completion Options:

Top Urgent Completion:

  • 1 – 10 hours, depending on the file size

Urgent Completion:

  • 1-10 pages: Within 1–5 hours.
  • 11-20 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • Above 20 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Normal Completion:

  • 1-10 pages: Within one (1) working day.
  • 11-20 pages: Within two (2) working days.
  • Above 20 pages: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

  1. This price is per page. Each page contains up to 200 words.
  2. Please make sure to send your file for evaluation to 0552166380 before you proceed to payment.
  3. Completion  of files depends on the evaluation you receive from us. For evaluation of files for Other Languages, please contact our team on 024120000.
  4. Documents issued outside the UAE must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before making the legal translation; otherwise we can provide normal translation under company stamp (not legal translation under the legal translator’s stamp).

Legal Translation

The need for legal Arabic document translation services has evolved since we are living the era of globalization where people of different cultures and countries come to deal with each other. Therefore, we need reconcile our conditions and statuses to align with the legal requirements of the places we live in. Therefore, we always find ourselves required to translate our important documents into the language of the country we are living in. For example, a European person living in an Arab country should translate all his birth, marriage, ID, driving license and other documents to get a residence visa to be a legal resident of such country.

Hence, Elite Legal Translation Services has been working on developing their systems to provide UAE certified translation services and solutions for all clients from any language into Arabic. Our sworn translators specialize in translating official documents for residence visa, business, personal, court and other purposes. Our translation offices spread all over the UAE can assist you with all your translation needs.

We always work around the clock to provide fast services with affordable prices and guarantee that our translations are accepted at any government entity. All you need to do is contact us on WhatsApp, email or phone to respond to your needs within minutes. Our specialized teams will ensure that you receive the best customer service ever.

The document legal translation service includes translating all these types of documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Education Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Salary Certificate
  • Forms
  • Accident Report
  • Affidavit
  • Apostille
  • Cheques
  • Criminal Record
  • Family Book
  • Identity Card (ID)
  • Invoices & Bills
  • Passport
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Resignation Letter
  • Termination Letter
  • Messages & Emails
  • Offer Letter
  • Purchase Order
  • General Document
  • Statement of Account
  • Power of Attorney
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Court Judgment
  • Court Document
  • Lawsuit Form
  • Legal Notice
  • Any other documents that require legal translation
Document Type

Accident Report, Affidavit, Certificates, Cheque, Contract or Agreement, Court Document, Education Files, Forms, Invoice or Bill, Letters, Message or Email, Personal Files, Power of Attorney, Purchase Order, Receipt Voucher, Statement of Account

From Language

Arabic, English, Other Languages

To Language

Arabic, English, Other Languages

Delivery Options

Normal, Top Urgent, Urgent

Referral Employee

Charlene, Emy, Fahad, Halima, Hasan, Lyn, Mahran, Maida, Marie, Michelle, Muzammil, Noor, Walid, Website


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